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Setting up the grounds
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An image is not simply a trademark, a design, a slogan or an easily remembered picture.
It is a studiously crafted personality profile of an individual, institution, corporation, product or service.
Daniel J. Boorstin
Corporate Image
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In the world of business, appearances are never deceiving...

Progressive Marketing offers complete solutions to your Corporate Image,
to bring the way your company looks up to the top.

1 Setting up the grounds
2 Second Stage Solutions
3 Into the Digital World with
•  Logo design
•  Definition of company color scheme
•  Business Cards
•  Office Stationary design
•  Company brochures
•  Product Catalogues
•  Banners and Signs
•  Presentation Panels
•  Radio / TV Spots
•  Printed Ads
•  Web site design
•  Digital Presentations
•  Email Campaigns
•  Multimedia Presentations

Setting up the grounds:

Getting your business to look its best requires a clean startup.
We work with our clients to clearly determine:
•  The nature of the business
•  The Target market
•  The preference of our clients

We are far from imposing a solution but instead we always aim to finding the perfect fit while still maintaining a marketing approach.

Progressive also negotiates printing alternatives on behalf of its clients, subcontracting qualified providers at advantageous prices thanks to the constant volume of business we maintain.

From the basics to elaborated solutions included:
Once you have completed the immense task of defining and completing the groundwork it’s time to start working on promoting your business.

Our second stage solutions are studied thoroughly in order to develop the best communication tools for our clients.
Not more, nor less…

Communicating with your clients can be done through printed advertising, digital media, radio, TV, billboards or any of the new available technologies within the “Ad World”. We keep very close eye on the progresses of the industry and are capable of coordinating and providing solutions to whatever channel may be the most appropriate for your needs.

Digital Progressive:
The Internet changed and added some pressure to most of today’s advertising needs. A website is now a must for any company, having become a digital business card for some and an online product catalogue for others.

While some web developers do an amazing job in creating a nice collage of images, their limited knowledge about real design makes of all these sites a similar flat platform that does not really portrays a business’ image.

At Progressive we are artists, then developers. We focus on creating a corporate image and then deploy a technical solution for it. Our goal is not to make you look good among stock images, but to develop your own image and we possess the know how to do so (both in marketing and design as well as in web development).

Be the judge on who does a better job by checking our Portfolio.

Our job, nevertheless, does not end here. We offer progressive solutions to digital advertising needs. Be it online advertising or multimedia presentations… Email newsletters to Animations… at Progressive Marketing we have a fit solution for you that is guaranteed to reflect your own corporate identity.

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