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The multimedia brings a significant improvement in the effectiveness of computers as a communication tool. The impact of audiovisual elements together with the power of the computer systems, add interest, realism and effectiveness to the communication process.

When audiovisual elements are presented to a customer with the option to interact with them, the percentage of retention of the information provided may reach 75%. This makes this media a very effective way to reach your potential customers and it can be applicable to any audience and business.

As the information is stored digitally it can be updated easily and presented in many different formats and personalized depending on the audience you want to reach:

Some examples of multimedia applications
Web Sites with Integrated Interactive Content Sales Presentations
Stand-alone Multimedia Presentations Massive Presentations
Software Demos, Walk-through User Manuals
Educational Tutorials, Lessons, Seminars Product Catalogues
Marketing and Advertising Promotional Materials Interactive Prototypes
Direct e-Mail Advertising Digital Publications
Corporate Presentations Screen Savers

Multimedia for education

It offers the possibility to control the flow of information to the students according to the programs and allows you to plan what sections of the course are to be taught and when. Thanks to the great amount of information that can be stored in the current media in the market and the durability the offer, it is very easy to store whole programs that can be updated easily.

A well designed multimedia application never gets obsolete because it does not take too much effort to update it with any new information or even, it is very portable, what makes it easy to move it to the best storing and processing media.

Education has always had to face the problem of different learning speed and student accademic level of the students, with a multimedia the student advances according to his capacity and speed and lets him dedicate more time to those issues that are more important for him or just more difficult to learn.

Thanks to the combination of images, videos, graphics, texts and sounds the student will be able to memorize a lot more information in the same time of study. The interaction with the content and the ability to modify the way the information is shown and the option to see a simulation of a real life event.

With all the options a multimedia offers to present the information, it si very easy to do personalized presentations to allow the student to choose the way he best assimilates the information. This reduces the learning time by increasing the motivation.

With an interactive multimedia, it is easy to track not only the final results of a student but also the evaluation of the process to obtain those results and adjust the speed and content according to the process of learning and al the same time those results can be used to improve the organization of information in the multimedia for next editions.

Business and advertising
The benefits of a well designed and implemented multimedia is a very powerful tool that can be used to advertise your products and services in the market with a very personalized approach depending on the intended audience. It is a very efficient way to take your message to your customer through the distribution of multimedia in CDs, through a WEB Site or even digital signage located in places where your audience is likely to visit.

Thanks to the power of different computer software to create attractive effects in a very affordable way, the multimedia can convey elaborated messages that attract the attention of your customers and then increase the probabilities of awaking their interest in your products or services.

It is a very good way to organize and present business opportunities to potential investors and even to present a proposal or organize a plan with the employees of a company to improve the teamwork effectiveness. It is easy to present real products or processes to the employees even when they have not been created yet by simulating them.

The multimedia are a very effective way to supply information to visitors of public places, the visitors interact with them and request any information they need like the location of a specific store or office or where they can find a product they are looking for. It is as well an opportunity to advertise some products to the general public while no visitors are accessing any specific information. The multimedia is always running and always catching the attention of potential customers.

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