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 Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.
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SEO is a number of methods used to improve the ranking of your WEB Site in Search Engine listings like Google, Yahoo, Lycos, AltaVista, LookSmart and many others. By improving your ranking you receive more visitors to your WEB Site because you are listed first when users are searching for information on the Internet.

There are different ways to improve your WEB Site position, we consider all the options depending on the characteristics of your Site and decide which methods best suits your needs. We study and consider all the practices that are penalized by the Search Engines to avoid any penalizations in the future.

There are some steps involved in the optimization of a WEB Site for Search Engines:

Web Site analysis

When we receive a request to optimize a WEB Site we check if it is listed in the most important search engines and what ranking it has. After that, we check if it has any keywords set up and if they are related to the actual content of the WEB Site. We analyze the link pattern of your WEB Site to make sure that the search engines can index as many pages as possible and there is a match between the keywords and the content of each page. The titles and headers of each page and the way they are organized are very important and thus analyzed in detail. At this point we prepare a group of recommendations and present a proposal to the customer.

Keywords Analysis
In order to choose the best keywords for your Site we analyze your business goals and your competition and with the best tools in the market we obtain the keywords that relate to your business that are more likely to be searched in the Internet by your potential market. We do this on a page-by-page basis. We do some tests to check the effectiveness of different combinations of them and choose a group for every page of your site. We make sure that all the keywords that we use are present throughout your site pages to ensure that search engines will deem your web presence relevant and worthy of higher rankings.

Design and link Analysis
We analyze the link distribution of your site to make sure that visitors can reach the information they require with the less clicks possible and the search engines index the higher number of pages. We also analyze the distribution of header for all the pages and make sure that all terms that are highlighted represent the main subjects in each page and they are closely related to the keywords in that page. We also consider the effectiveness of a footer navigator and recommend adding links to the main sections of your site.

Search Engine Submission
We will manually submit your optimized site to the top search engines and directories as soon as the Site is optimized so the spiders visit your web site and index your optimized pages. We will also re-submit your site and any changed pages as frequently as once a month, ensuring that the search engines "spider" keep an up to date record of your site.

Paid inclusion
It is very convenient to do some paid advertising with the most popular search engines to make sure that the indexing process takes place as soon as possible. When a customer is not interested in doing any paid advertising we do it for them to obtain tangible results faster, otherwise it could take months to start enjoying the results of our work.

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