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 Web sites are technologically complex, and getting more intricate all the time. Identifying the technology strategy for the site - platforms, standards, technologies, and how they can all interoperate - is essential to avoiding costly mistakes.
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The Internet changed and added some pressure to most of today’s advertising needs. A website is now a must for any company, it has become a digital business card for some and an online product catalogue for others.

At Progressive Marketing we offer complete solutions to your web site from the concept design phase to deployment. With our team of designers and computer engineers we create an original and visually attractive product based on your business characteristics and your corporate identity.



First Approach
When we receive a request we evaluate the nature of the business and the requirements to ensure that the web site objectives are aligned with the corporate goals. Your WEB Site must represent your business. We take care of all the details since the very beginning and find a way to accomplish your intentions.

In this step, we define the architecture of the project based on all the information collected in the first approach, features like:
• the number of sections
• software technology to use
• database requirements
• e-commerce functionality, shopping cart, online payment process, product inventory, etc...
• information administration and news modules

After this process is done we evaluate a proposal with the customer for his approval.

Graphic Design
During the process of designing the web site we analyze the corporate identity of the company to be able to find the best combination of colors and page layout. We take into account the best positioning for links to make sure that the visitor reaches the information he needs in less clicks and balance the images to increase download speed. After that, we present a proposal to the customer for every page layout we are going to use.

The construction of the web site begins. We build the web pages and applications, create the database and all the modules of the web site and integrate them. Then we add all the information provided by the customer, this process is an interactive experience with the client that can check every stage by visiting our development servers. This constant review allows us to have feed back while developing the application so we can do adjustments before the application is ready.

When the web site is ready for delivery we launch it and do the final testing. This is the first opportunity to show the web site to the world and start enjoying the results of our work.

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