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Around 14% of the population of the U.S. has Hispanic origin
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division,
Ethnic & Hispanic Statistics Branch, 2004

English has become the language of technology... and the language to know in global business even for traditionally non-English-speaking countries.
Mary Ellen Guffey, Business Communication with Infotrac: Process and Product.

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Web Site Translation

Statistics show that Internet users stay in a web site twice as long when the information is in their native language. Even more, they are three times more likely to place an order in your web site if they can find out all the details of your products and services in their own language.

Did you know that "Only 8% of the world's population are native English speakers" ?

At the beginning of the Internet, the English language sites were majority, and the non-speaking English users had to adapt to this situation. Actually, with the globalization there has been an explosion of non-English websites and the competition to win one customer is bigger; if you don't have a multilingual presence in the market, you have less possibilities to succeed in foreign markets.

Our main goal
Web site translation is more complex than simply translate word to word. At Progressive Marketing we translate the ideas and convey the same message in a clear and natural way. The accurate reproduction of the original content of your web site without omissions or alteration of any information is our main goal and commitment.

Our Web Site Translations include:
Translation of textual content.
All graphics elements translation (.jpg, .pdf, .psd, Flash and others).
Database translation.
Keywords for search engines.
Deployment of Translated Site.

Language translations available
We offer translations from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish. Our professional team is made of native Spanish speaking translators to make translations into Spanish and native English speaking translators to translate into English to make sure that the final product sounds natural in both languages.

Don’t let your competition reach the other language market first. If you get there first you will have more chances to succeed!

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